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Welcome to the website for BRS Inc. a private nonprofit agency in Bakersfield, California that offers residential-based treatment for adult men and women struggling with alcoholism and/or addiction. Our programs offer proven 12-Step recovery principles in non-medical, social model settings. We have a men’s program (Jason’s Retreat), a women’s program (Capistrano Community for Women), a program for pregnant women (Capistrano-Lincoln Street Retreat for Perinatal), and an Intensive co-ed outpatient program (Jason’s Retreat Intensive Outpatient).

BRS is a private nonprofit 501(c) 3, public benefit corporation, founded by Zane Smith in 1987 to provide a viable, comprehensive residential substance abuse program to make citizens of Kern County. BRS also was the first program of its type to originate an “alternative sentencing” program through the Kern County Court system. In 1995 the corporation was licensed by the State of California, ADP to produce residential substance abuse retreatment to women and their dependent children. In 1999 the corporation was licensed by the State of California to provide the first Pre-natal residential treatment program in Kern County.

Our target population consists of men, and women with children who are in need of residential care and treatment. Our clients include persons with various substance abuse and dual diagnosis issues, physically challenged clients, women who are pregnant or parenting. We aim to help clients with chronic unemployment histories due to poor health and/or lack of proper education, as a result of substance abuse and dependencies. BRS and its various facilities provide treatment and case management in a format which is designed to assist our clients in their recovery and preparation to return to the community as law abiding and productive citizens.

It is the primary objective of BRS and its programs to safely and compassionately treat those client’s residing in our facilities, while providing their basic needs and affording them the opportunity to fully and actively participate in self-sustaining and beneficial programs.

This is accomplished in a manner consistent with the requirements of our various contracts. At each facility, our staff strives to provide a safe and pleasant drug-free environment where clients learn about addiction and acquire the tools necessary to achieve and maintain recovery.

Clients receive group and individual counseling, and spend time learning or re-freshing skills included household responsibilities, skills for daily living, social skills, family communications, money management, and physical hygiene.

Our main objective is to offer these families the dignity and grace to rebuild and maintain citizenship and spiritual awareness as they return to the community. You are expected to be an integral part of our programming.

We expect our staff to serve as a suitable role models to our clients as they progress through their individual programs. It is our intention to provide quality care and services to each and every program participant.

To achieve this goal our staff will work as a team to better serve our clients which, in return promotes positivity to our community as a whole.


In 1984, 24-year-old Jason Smith died from a cocaine overdose; one more sad statistic in a drug-plagued society. Jason’s grieving father, Zane Smith, himself a recovering alcoholic, decided to turn tragedy into service for others like young Jason. A year later, a group of volunteers led by Zane renovated an old two-story, wood frame house on Bernard Street in Bakersfield, California. He opened Jason’s Retreat, a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility for men and assembled a small treatment staff and the program’s first six clients. The program survived the buffering and financial hardships that all new nonprofit agencies face, and began to thrive and expand. Today, under the corporate umbrella of Bakersfield Recovery Services Inc. The agency has grown to a network of three facilities, more than 65 beds, with more than 50 employees. BRS group home facilities include Jason’s Retreat for MenCapistrano Community for WomenCapistrano-Lincoln Street Retreat Perinatal Facility. BRS Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit Corporation with a governing board. The board of Directors meets monthly, generally on the third Monday of each month. As a 501 (c) 3 charitable corporation, the organization funds are generated through state programs, Kern Behavioral Health & Recovery Services, private grants, donations from private individuals, and organizations.

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