Share your story

Help inspire and encourage others.

Recovery stories reveal to others struggling with addiction that they are not alone. Your story can also prove that treatment can be successful, and recovery is possible. These stories also provide encouragement by breaking down the failures and difficulties that step into that success and can help someone keep moving forward despite their own setbacks.

Sharing your story here with us will allow us to share it with our audience (on various platforms and outlets). You can share as much or as little as you'd like, and privately if you'd like too. Only write what you feel comfortable writing; it is not required to fill out every area.

  • Use this space to tell your story in your way.
  • What was it that made you commit? Was it something that someone said?
  • If you'd like to share any advise or words of encouragement to our clients, you're welcome to use this space.

  • If you'd like your name posted with your story, include it in the field below. If you leave it blank, we'll share it privately.