Intensive Outpatient Treatment

At Jason’s Retreat Outpatient we want to help people learn to live life without using drugs or alcohol. As recovering addicts, our counselors understand that doing this takes a set of coping skills and processes in order to become foundationally set to live life as we were meant to live it. Through a set plan of curriculum, we are able to help guide you through the process of ups and downs in early recovery and we continue to be available to you through your progress of staying alcohol and drug free. We have qualified and caring staff to assist you in your walk of recovery according to your personalized needs. Jason’s Retreat uses evidenced based practices to help recovering addicts to learn relapse prevention skills, thought stopping and how to manage urges and cravings.

Outpatient services consist of an initial assessment to determine your individual needs, and treatment planning. We provide groups with a flexible schedule to fit client centered needs, as well as individual sessions to discuss barriers and challenges in recovery. In addiction we provide drug testing, crisis intervention, case management referrals, and collateral family counseling in order to assist you and your family through this process. We encourage you to come and join us to explore options with a family friendly atmosphere here at Jason’s Retreat Outpatient.

Jason’s Retreat Outpatient Services provides multidimensional and individualized substance use disorder treatment to support the recovery process. We recognize the complex needs of those affected by addiction, and offer comprehensive services in meeting these needs during treatment. Individuals will be provided with initial assessment, treatment planning, as well as individual and group counseling services during treatment. We also provide crisis intervention, case management referrals, collateral family counseling and drug testing. We have a competent and caring staff, including therapists, counselors and interns who are trained in evidence-based practices, with many of them in recovery themselves.

Our group and individual counseling services provide education related to early recovery, relapse prevention, family education, and building sober supports, as well as specific coping skills needed to live a clean and sober life. We are client-centered and strengths-based, recognizing each person’s innate ability to learn and grow in their recovery. Recovery is possible and becomes inevitable with appropriate treatment and support

Sober Living

Jason's Retreat also has sober living for anyone seeking a less structured environment as an option for their treatment needs. We are certified through Kern Behavioral Health & Recovery Services and are also parole and probation approved. Clients are assisted with day to day living skills, job readiness and the structure of a safe, clean and sober environment evident by random on site drug and alcohol screening.

In the Sober Living Program our objective is to help clients create goals/plans and realize their strengths and capabilities.  Part of the structure of SLE is practicing self-care, life skills, building healthy relationships, managing time responsibility, accountability, and finally obtaining and maintaining employment.

The Sober Living Environment can serve as an after care option upon completing a residential in-patient program, or it can be the initial point of contact to begin substance abuse treatment.

Our focus is creating a stable environment by encouraging productive and recovery based activities while practicing consistency and integrity.  These practices aid in creating new healthy habits and help with the transition to living a clean and sober lifestyle.

This type of recovery option contributes to long term sustainable success.

What we offer:

  • Structured independent living environment
  • Case management
  • Community resource navigation services
  • Individualized case planning
  • Employment counseling

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